Our Investment Strategy
The Group intends to create and ensure long-term value through the following key business and investment strategies:

• Expanding the Group's geographic presence nationwide by identifying new and potential growth areas for land banking.

Efforts to identify new locations rely on comprehensive studies to assess the area's population, location, and local regulations, among others will be pursued. Projects are skewed toward estate development, requiring a minimum size in acquisitions. The Group has identified areas for expansion and is in the process of acquiring the land and preparing to launch projects in these locations.

• Pursue product research and business development.

To support its growth momentum, the Group's long-held practice of continuous innovation is promoted across businesses to ensure the relevance and affordability of its products among primary low- to middle-income home dwellers. Product-level research and development as well as business development are spread across subsidiaries to allow the Group's team of specialists to stay closer to the market and be able to improve processes, product features, and functionalities to enhance the attractiveness of existing projects and offer new, complementary offerings. Most evident results will include an increase in production efficiency, the launch of new house models and the opening of a new market segment.

• Capitalize on existing market demographics to diversify its revenue base.

Gaining insights from its market research, investments will be made and ancillary products will be offered to home buyers to complete their lifestyle requirements. In order to achieve these, the Group will leverage on its deep understanding of its chosen market, value-for-money products hinged on innovation, strong brand equity of PRO-FRIENDS, financial strength, experienced management team, and high growth potential.